Sports Massage is a deep tissue type massage treatment aimed specifically at athletes. It incorporates a variety of deep tissue techniques and stretches used to treat musculo-skeletal problems of any origin.  It plays a vital part in rehabilitation from injuries such as Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow and Runner’s knee. It also helps maintain high levels of sports performance and keeps the body injury free.

Many techniques are the same as used in remedial massage but are employed in the context of training support and recuperation. Sports massage is designed to help the body recover from the higher levels of ‘abuse’ and punishment that an athlete puts themselves through. This enhanced recuperation helps keep performance at an optimum but also helps an athletes career last longer.

Sports massage is also used in the treatment of muscle injuries sustained through accidents, poor posture or repetitive household tasks such as frozen shoulder.

While extemely helpful as a healing treatment it is also deeply relaxing and beneficial to those without injury or who prefer a deep therapeutic massage.
Many of the benefits of Sports Massage are the same as remedial massage.